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Rayen claps with Joshua’s arm firmly wrapped around her. She notices Blake’s continuous glances in her direction. She gently taps Joshua, and he releases her. She exits the party to find the restroom. Blake notices her leaving and proceeds to follow her. She enters the restroom looks in the mirror and checks her make up. She touches up her lipstick and uses the restroom. When she is done, she washes then dries her hands and pats her hair. When she steps out Blake is planted against the wall.

“Is that your boyfriend?” She looks up from her purse.

“Excuse me?”

“The curly haired, Clark Kent, is he your boyfriend?”

“That is not your concern, detective.”

“I just wanted to know if you have someone to keep you safe at night. There is a killer still on the loose, you know?”

She smiles to herself, “Oh, I know…”

“Why do you care about my well-being, Detective Blake?”

“I care about all my Bay City citizens.”He smiles.

She turns to walk away.

“Wait, Ms. Vasu. I want to ask you on a date, but I can’t if you have a boyfriend or fiance,  etc.” She stops.

“ Aren’t you involved yourself, with Ms. Fleming?”

“I am not involved with anyone right now.”

“I see.” She pulls her card out of her purse and hands it to him. “Call me. We may be able to schedule something.” He takes her card and smirks.

“Please don’t toy with me, Ms. Vasu. I really want dinner or a drink with you.”

“I never toy with anyone, detective. I am way too busy for that.” She turns away so he won’t see her smile.

“This week, Rayen?” Blake yells.

“I will check my calendar, detective,” she yells back, exiting the hall and reentering the party.