I love YA books. I also love adult romance so I have combined them in my latest work called Dani. It is sort of a Cinderella story. I have several twists to it though, no evil stepmother and sisters. There is only a dead beat mother who leaves her 15 year old daughter to fend for herself. Danica Jordan does just that! This book is fun and tells about a girl that needs to be tamed. Is it the handsome and wealthy Lark or Chance Brannigan (brothers) that accepts the challenge?

“Okay!” Sunni shouts.
I run and get dressed. As I am dressing I think of what I will wear on my first date. He is so sophisticated I am afraid I may embarrass him. I throw on my red and gray tank top and slide into my black zip up hoodie. I stick my leg into my jeggings that I just bought a few weeks ago. I put on my tennis shoes and hurry out to meet them. Brushing my hair I wave with the brush for Sunni to come over to me. She tears away from Mason for a moment to see what I need. I stand in the mirror wrapping a band around my hair.
“What is it?”
“Are you trying to push me and Chance together? If so stop it.”
“No I really think he likes you Dani.” She whispers. “He begged to come over here. He has been asking about you since last weekend. I swear I had nothing to do with him tagging along. You see that the movie was his idea.”
I look back at him and he is exuding the sexy glare. I catch my self enjoying it. I swear I am scrambled in the brain lately. The hot guy train has made a stop at station Danica Jordan. I put on some pretty little diamond stud earrings, well diamond chip and grab my keys.
“No Dani. I am driving so that you don’t try to bail on us.” Chance says. I shrug and grab my bag. I strap it across my chest and we head out. I decided to leave my 45 at home. I don’t think these guys would appreciate it like I do. I lock up my place and head down behind everyone. Chance keeps looking back at me. I hope he doesn’t think he is going to get lucky. When we get outside his car is parked directly in front of the building. And I’ll be damned if he doesn’t have an awesome freaking car. He is driving a black BMf-ing W. I look at him and he smiles.
“I know right? My dad got it for an early graduation gift.” He pops the locks with his key remote and hops in. What is with the rich boys? They all want to go slumming, with me. I wish the world would just go back to the way it was. Me hating the thought of any guy even thinking about touching me. Mason opens the front door and tells me to sit up there with Chance. He wants to probably get it in quick with Sunni.