I blink quickly to focus on his face. I see the hurt in his clear ocean blue eyes. I instantly feel sorrow. I would never want to hurt the love of my life but he has to understand.
I lay my head on the jackets that Elliot folded into pillows for me to rest on. I turn away so I do not have to look at his pained expression. I hear his footsteps. They get closer and closer. The covers rustle and I know Elliot is tightly wound inside the bed he made for the two of us. I hear a shuffle once more.
“Good night my sweet Chakori. I love you with all of my heart.” He kisses the back of my head and turns to sleep.
Half of the night I stare at the ceiling. I cannot believe I am sleeping in an abandon decaying building. My bed at the mansion is adorned with silk sheets. The comforters are woven with gold embroidery. I have the finest nightwear. Yet I lay in this building awaiting a venture I know nothing about. I have never left the island. In all of my nineteen years I have not seen what lies behind the line of the ocean. I have never even lay eyes on my enemies land, the island of Jutesh. The sounds that I hear frighten me. The night calls my name. It wants to devour me. But I refuse to turn back. I await the carriage that will carry me away to my new home.