“Babe you are going to be so late for your class!”  Mateo yells through the hall of his small one bedroom apartment.

 “I am still getting ready I need my blue shoes and white lab coat!” Sabelle yells back from the bedroom.

“I think both are in the closet next to the front door.” She runs from the room full speed.

“If I pass this test today I want to celebrate. Final exams are kicking my behind.” He smiles.

“I am so proud of you Sabelle. You are really buckling down this semester.”

He walks over to her scrambling through the hundreds of shoes inside of the closet. He spins her around. His innocent glare halts her frenzy.

“Thanks Mateo, you know better than anyone that working part time at the bakery and attending Med School is no joke.”

He bends to plant a soft kiss on her nose.

 “Yes, and my friend down here is also very aware.”  He shifts his eyes to his crotch.

“He has been totally neglected for months.  I have resorted to taking cold showers. You are always studying, at school, work or sleep.”  She purses her lips, pulls away from his embrace and sits on the couch to slide into her shoes.

“Don’t exaggerate Mateo. I promise tonight is going to be one you won’t forget.”  She winks at him. He clutches his chest close to his heart.

“Oh, I sure hope so, or I am going to need a doctor.” She chuckles.

 “Always so dramatic, but that’s one of your charms. Anyway I have all the medical attention you will need. I am a doctor. Well soon to be. I will handle all of your ailments.” He walks over to her bends and kisses her forehead.

“At least I know you love me.” He says.

 “You should. I am marrying you next year.” 

“Yes and I can’t wait, a small intimate wedding at the court house.” He sings.

 “Do I detect a hint of sarcasm? You know I will most likely be well into my residency. We both agreed that was better than waiting until I am done.”

 “I know that but my mom wanted us to have a big traditional wedding.  She wants to witness her only son, marry the only woman he will ever love.” She smiles.

 “I would have liked my parents to just be happy that we want to marry one another. They are still not speaking to me.”

“I don’t blame them for not wanting the future Dr. Reyes to marry a truck driver.” She stands and wraps her arms around his waist.  She looks into his eyes.

“The future Dr. Garcia.”  He slowly leans in and places a lingering kiss on her lips.

“Yes Mrs. Mateo Garcia.” He says with his lips still touching hers.  

“I love the sound of that.” She drops her head and it lands on his chest.  He sighs and buries his face in her hair. The aroma sends warm feelings through him. She lifts her eyes to his.

“My sisters are both married to doctors. So they think I should at least follow their lead.” 

“Hmmm a family full of physicians?  So boring. I bring my good looks and charisma to shake the family tree.” She smiles and pushes away.

“I have to go. I will see you tonight.” She grabs her lab jacket and offers one last peck.  

“Are all of your deliveries in the city today?”  She shouts as she opens the door.

 “No I am traveling. I have two deliveries in Springfield and one in Panama City.” 

“Okay. I love you!”  She dashes to her car and he watches from the window. As she pulls into traffic, their eyes meet one last time.