“Police make an arrest today in the liquor store robbery. They have two men in custody and are not releasing any detailed information at this time. This is Dinah Sutton WGN News. Now for weather,” She nods. “Tristan.” 

“Well Dinah, we have a gorgeous week of weather ahead. Today there will be a high of 93 degrees with low humidity. So get out your bikini ladies it’s that kind of Monday.” Tristan flashes his million dollar smile into the camera. And he knows the women of Chicago are going mad. When the producer signals for commercial his smile fades. He walks off set and starts toward the break room. When he enters Sidney is nestled deep into the gray sofa. He slaps his foot.
“Hey Sid you need to move. I am really tired. I need to recuperate from my long and progressive weekend.” He takes off his blazer and drops onto the couch. He clasps his hands behind his head. “Oh the party that you promised to take me to? Must have been a blast?” Sidney spits as he sits up.   Tristan smirks and closes his eyes.

 “Oh Sidney you have no idea.” His perfect teeth gleam as he smiles. Every expression that graces his face is perfect. No weather man could compare. The dimples in his cheeks are deep slits that touch his cheek and rests at the jawline. Women swoon at the sight of them, especially when he flashes that beautiful grin of his. His blonde hair is perfectly shaped, thanks to his once a week trip to the barber.

“Tristan? Tristan?” Sidney nudges. But he has fallen asleep. He sighs. Sidney mind as well be his side kick. He never gets any action. You would think because he is the studio engineer, that would count for something. He has long black hair that he pulls into a ponytail. He is about 5’8, but nothing compares to golden boy’s 6 foot statue. While Tristan’s body is that of perfection, he settles for second place with his pudgy waist.

“Why do I even bother? All he has to do is stare with the green glare and he is in. When my brown eyes pierce a woman she is wondering what the hell is he looking at?”  Tristan tosses and now has managed to completely take the couch over. Sidney stands and exits the break room.

             “Hello Sidney, how are you this morning?” Dinah offers as she passes. He stops in his tracks. The beautiful Dinah Sutton spoke to him.

 “I…I’m fine Dinah. And you?”

 “Great! Where is that gorgeous weather man of ours?”  He frowns and points toward the break room. She slides her hands down the sides of her tight skirt, flips her silky black hair and puts an extra shimmy in her walk, before she enters the break room. Sidney watches her every strut. He has been head over heels for Dinah ever since the day she started, five years ago.

“Long before Mr. Dent in the cheeks came along.” He thinks. He tries to look away, but everywhere that Dinah goes she commands attention.

 “Wake up Tristan!” Dinah yells.

She startles him and he jumps. “Where is Sid?” He yawns.

“He left and you need to wake up!” he stretches and sits up straight.

 “Why is that?” he yarns.

 “Maybe because you are at work.”

 “Oh Dinah lighten up. You are way too uptight.” He smirks.

She gasps at the glorious glare it illuminates.

“Tristan. You are new here so let me give you some advice…”

He folds his arms and leans back.

 “Don’t get too relaxed. Mariel runs a tight ship. I know you are good at what you do, but do not let her see you like this.”

 “I won’t, calm down. You really need to relax. You guys are way too serious around here.” He says.

 “You have only been here two years. I have been here five. Sidney ten. And that is because we are way too serious.” Her blue eyes pierce through him. But he is way too arrogant to care.

 “I know. It’s just that I have always been a star. I can’t help all of the extra attention I get.”

 She rolls her eyes. “Ok don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She flips her hair and struts toward the door.

 “Is that the real reason you came to find me?” Tristan asks.

“It doesn’t matter. It is the reason I am leaving.” He watches as she exits. Her body is one he would love to mount. But one of his unspoken rules is to never do the coworkers. It can get very messy. Tristan slides his fingers through his hair, then looks at his watch.