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I love reading Young Adult novels. If it were not for my obsession with romantic encounters between adults I would by a YA novelist. So here is a snippet from one of my YA books…


I turn and continue to watch the TV. I periodically peek at the clock. I know that the party will start soon. I know that my friends will have a blast. But I won’t be so desperate; I don’t need any help being an outcast. I blink sleepily at the tube.  The party is in full swing by now. I jump as my head bounces off of the pillow behind me. I look around and it is dark. The TV is set to turn off if it has no activity for an hour. I stand and stretch. I look to the clock and it is nine. I pull the scrunchie from my hair and start up the stairs. Before I can take one step I hear the doorbell. I rub my eyes and stomp toward the door. I quickly sling it open.

“Hey party pooper!” Eva says storming pass me. I watch as she enters.

“Is the party over?” I ask

“Of course not. But we wanted to party with you.” Scott says as he follows her in.

“Oh, so you guys left the party of the century just for me?”

“Yes! You are my best friend Sienna, I never should have gone without you.” Eva embraces me.

“I didn’t want to go. You two should have stayed” I plead attempting to close the door.

“You mean the three of us right?” Devin adds pushing his way in. I quickly look to the floor. I must look a mess. I yank at my wrinkled t-shirt and wipe the dust from the potato chip crumbs from my faded stretch pants. My hair is frayed like an animal who was involved in a wildlife battle. I gather it into my hand and search for a rubber band. Scott walks up and snatches my hand away.

“I told you Sienna you are a total hottie with your hair down.” He strokes my locks. I glare at him in awe.

“I agree with Scott. You are really cute Sienna.” Devin intrudes.

I snap out of my trance and suspiciously turn to him. I hitch my brow to let him know that I’m on to his bull.

“What?” He asks as he points to himself. But I leave him just as confused as I am.

“What’s in here to eat girl?” Scott yells as he makes his way to the kitchen.

“I guess I can throw something together.” I follow behind him like a hungry baby kitten into the kitchen and rustle through the fridge. I grab some fries and fish sticks from the freezer and start to prepare them.

As I’m throwing the fries into the hot sizzling grease Devin enters. “You have a nice place.”

“Thank you.” I snap.

He walks around the counter and slides out of his jacket. He tosses it across the stool and sits.

“What have I done to deserve the cold shoulder Sienna?”

“I don’t know what you mean Devin.” I say as I make my way over to the counter and start spreading fish sticks onto a cookie sheet.

“Well I have been trying to ask you out all day and you just flat out refused.”

“You really can’t make me believe you are actually interested in me.” I don’t look up as I say the haunting words. I toss the fish sticks into the oven and slam the door.

He stands and I feel him getting closer to me. He takes one hand and grabs my shoulder, I stand very still, frozen like the fish-sticks that’s in my hand. He takes the other hand and between his slim fingers, he pulls one of the awkwardly placed curls in my hair and it bounces. He begins to massage my shoulders. I dare not look. I’m afraid to see the look into his eyes.

“When is the grub going to be ready?” Scott enters screaming. I turn to him relieved he saved me from making a fool of myself.

“Great timing Headly.” Devin sighs and walks back to the stool.

“I’m working like a little worker bee Scott.” I giggle as I relax my once tense shoulders.

“Oh Sienna you missed it. One Way was there. They were singing my favorite song when we left.” Eva interrupts.

“Yea, ‘Something’, right?”

“Yes! I was searching for a guy to dance with, worthy of my grove of course. But it was time to come save you from a dreary night with little brother from outer space.” We all laugh.

I finish cooking the food and bring it to the living room where Eva is planted on the couch next to Devin. Scott has gotten extremely comfortable on the floor. He has removed his jacket, dress shirt and shoes. He is wearing a white t-shirt and his black denim jeans. I look between the two before I enter. Exactly like my dream just different setting.

“Too freaking weird.” I whisper. “Who’s hungry?” I yell. Scott jumps up and rushes to my side. He grabs the condiments and I follow with the food. I bend and sit on the floor and we all begin to devour the chow.

“There is a monster movie marathon on and I want to watch!” Scott says too excited. He flips the channel and finds it. After eating we stare silently at the TV for hours. I jump every now and then from the murderous monster massacre he loves so much. He scoots close and wraps his arm around me.

“Are you scared?” he whispers, leaning into me. His bottom lip grazes my lobe, a cool chill runs through me and I shiver.

“No these creatures just seem to pop out at the most unsuspected times.” I whisper back. He smiles and his eyes remain glued to my ear. I’m afraid to look directly at him. I can see him staring out of the corner of my eye. Time passes and he is once again fixed on the monster marathon playing on the TV. I glance back and Eva and Devin has conked out.  Scott follows my glare and smiles.

“They can’t hang huh?” he asks.

“I guess not.” I shrug. I scan the room and it has gotten very late. I stretch as the credits roll. I turn to Scott and once again he is watching me.

“What’s with you Scotty? You are acting strange tonight.” I inquire.

“Well…” he says as he stretches out. His hand brushes my arm and I position myself to face him. “All I’ve been hearing about lately is how Devin is into you and how he was asking you to the party tonight. I felt myself getting a little mad.”

“Why?” I say staring into his glossy gray eyes.

“I have always liked you Sienna. But I figured you wouldn’t want to ruin our trio.”

I cannot believe my dream is playing out. Different setting, but playing out the same. I sit in silence totally afraid to respond. He tilts his head to one side as if he is trying to read me. He slowly leans in. I’m stunned like a dear in headlights.

“It is really going to happen. I tried to avoid it but here it comes.” I think.

He makes contact, softly touching my lips with his. I inhale hoping the fish sticks I ate earlier have dissipated. Finally I relax letting it happen. I part my lips and let him explore. He slides his hand in my hair and pulls me into it. I close my eyes and I’m singing in my head. His hand moves from my hair to my face. He gently brings the other hand to join, clutching my face in his hold. I place my hands on top of his. We kiss deeply and gently for minutes. Eva groans and turns. He jerks away. I release his hands and he looks at the two of them.

The end . . . for now . . .


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