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I ‘m going to start sharing some of my short stories at least once a month. I have so many things that I have written and I am dying to share them with the world. So here is one of my hot shorts! Enjoy…

“Steamy Afternoon in the Locker Room” 

 ImageRounds this morning were a bitch. Being a resident is the most grueling job since I completed medical school. The studying, the intern and externships were equally as tough, but hands on kicks it up a notch. I’ve finally achieved my dream and it is killing me. The nurses are worked as hard as we are. So I try to show my appreciation for their driving nature. My favorite nurse is Gabriel Downing. He has been an absolute dream since the day my residency started, and that was two years ago. I try not to notice that he is totally hot. He is everything that a nurse shouldn’t be. His skin is smooth and dark like coffee with cream. The fact that his hair is always, I mean always neatly cut, drives his fellow female colleagues insane. His enticing brown eyes draw you into whatever conversation that he starts. And his daily ritual of hitting the gym shows through the scrubs. There is something about a bulging arm that drives women wild. My family is very weird about the jungle fever thing but that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing. Yes I happen to be the whitest white girl ever. I have milky, untanned skin, from my lack of vacations, along with piercing blue eyes and bright red hair. I do okay for myself in the physical department. I actually find the time work out about three days a week. I run into Gabriel often because we are both members at the gym around the corner.

I actually have a gym inside of my complex but working out with Gabe is much more interesting. I’m very lucky to have gotten placed in the department of my choice only one year in. The others are seething with jealousy but I happen to excel in everything that I do. I aspire to have my own practice one day. But my short term desire has always been to get into the ER toward the end my stint. The first year of my residency I worked in the maternity ward. I enjoyed working with mothers and babies but I didn’t love it. The cute little faces born into this world daily is what kept me going. I pray that I am able to be the family physician that I’ve hoped to be somewhere in the distant future, only then will I see their wrinkly little faces again on the regular and watch them grow. The mothers on the other hand were a horse of a different color. The complaining and the exams… oh god the exams were horrible. Having to reach up inside of snatch after snatch is the worst. I mean we covered it in medical school but I don’t like stuffing my hand nor fingers inside of moaning woman, after moaning woman. It feels kind of weird but I deal. Now I’m stationed in the emergency department, which i mentioned earlier, is what I’ve wanted since I landed here. I treat patients in emergency. I went for it and now I have it. I may run into a pregnant woman or two but not as much as I am sewing up cuts, treating gunshot wounds, hydrating the dehydrated, and so on.

My pager goes off and I hurry back down from my early lunch. I eat the remainder of my chicken salad sandwich as I hit the button on the elevator. I step on and there is Gabe smiling. I offer a smirk in return to calm my raging hormones. Your girl has not had any kind of relations with anyone in about a year. And before that I couldn’t tell you. The only reason that actually happened when it did was because my best friend Colette set me up. I don’t even remember the loser’s name. We went out for dinner. He took me to some hokey restaurant and then a club for drinks. I was so wasted that I invited him back to my place. I haven’t been with many men but I’m sure that he was the worst lover in history. It was over before it begin and I didn’t get to climax. I was so frustrated that I went into the bathroom after he left and pulled out greenie, my neon green vibrator. I never called him again, but that did not stop him from blowing my cell up. He still calls me from time to time. I don’t care how horny I get, I will never allow him the pleasure of having this dusty cove ever again.  While in thought about my encounter the doors of the elevator swing open. The emergency room is in a total disarray. A three car pileup has the nurses and doctors running around like chickens in a coop. I look to Gabriel, whom I wanted to speak to but we both spring into action. I grab a pair of gloves and hurry to help my first patient.

After we get the situations under control I toss the last pair of gloves that I used. I slowly walk into the locker-room and sit on the bench. I close my eyes because I haven’t had a good night sleep in months. As I slowly begin to drift off and dream someone taps me.

“Dr. Shultz are you alright?” A deep smooth voice whispers into my ear. “Maybe you should lie down. When was the last time that you actually slept in your own bed anyway?” I stretch and turn into the face of Gabriel. I lean away as his heated breath warms my cheek.

“What are you doing in here Gabriel? You can’t be in here.” I remind him,

“I knocked several times but you didn’t answer. Dr. Rashid asked me to check on you. He said that you seemed extremely exhausted. He wanted to know if you would like to get out of here early.”

“No, no I’m fine. I just needed to close my eyes for five minutes.” I lie. I am dog tired.

“Oh okay. Well why don’t you go into the doctor’s little ‘steal a nod’ room and take a real nap. You can’t feel really refreshed until you lie down and sleep, Dr. Shultz.”

“Aylin, please call me Aylin.” I stretch and yawn.

“Okay Aylin.” he pauses as if he is building courage. “That is such a pretty name. I mean I’ve read it several times on charts and your badge.” he says sitting down beside me.

“Thanks. It was my great-grandmother’s name.”

“Cool. I just can’t believe that after all of the times that we have worked out together you’re just giving me permission to use your first name. Aren’t we friends?”

“Of course we are. But you have never attempted to address me by my first name. You’ve always called me Dr. Shultz.”

“I respect the degree that you guys have worked so hard to obtain. You can say that we know about as much as you guys do but we admire the Dr in front of your names.” He chuckles.

“I know and I respect what you do as well.” I smile and then yawn again. “Goodness I need some sleep. Maybe I should take Dr. Rashid up on that offer to go home.” I joke.

“Only if I can go too.” He says with a serious expression. I attempt to giggle but his eyes hold mine.

“Why would you want to go to my place? It’s a wreck.” I tease.

“I could care less. I just want to see you in your element. You are always so intense. Even at the gym you aren’t…relaxed. So how about it?”

“How about what?”

“How about you take Rashid up on that offer? I get off soon so we could go together.”

“I don’t know if that is a good idea. Don’t you have someone at home?”

“Not anymore. Ever since you’ve started here I have waited for the opportunity to…you know.”

“No I don’t know. I’m a bit confused.” I think I’m overplaying the coy act.

“I like you Aylin. I’m surprised that you never noticed.” He blurts it out. The words sit on the wind and dangles for a moment.

“Why are you telling me now?” I say totally caught off guard. Why now?

“I don’t know it just seemed like the right time. I mean we are here alone and…”

“I should get back to work.” he grabs my arm as I stand.

“When do you get the time to unwind Aylin? I leave and you’re here, then I return the next day and you’re just leaving. I know that doctors have terrible hours and that it is what you guys sign up for, but everyone deserves some me time. Go on a date with me tonight.”

“I appreciate it but no thanks.”

“Okay…but before you go, can I ask you one more question?” he clears his throat.

“Yes of course.” I say tugging at the tightly gathered ponytail in my hair. He gently yanks my wrist away and I glare at him.

“How long has it been since a man made love to you, leaving you quivering, shaking and begging for more?” I swallow hard. Somehow I did not expect that. He looks at my knees, which are exposed, then drags his eyes up to my face that is now filled with shock. His eyes paralyze me. He is screwing me without even touching me. He is gifted for sure. He rubs his thumb across my hand, while gripping my wrist.

“Ummm, I don’t know and I think that this question is highly unprofessional Gabe.”

“I’m just curious. There is tension between us. I know you feel it. And I don’t think that you’re as offended as you seem. I just think that I’ve caught you off guard. I apologize for not wanting to beat around the bush any longer. I’ve been waiting for the right time and this is as good as any.”

“What about that date?”

“We can start with dinner. And then see where it goes. I promise you that it will be a night that you will never forget. And if I’m really lucky, it will lead to many other nights.” He moves closer pressing his lips to my ear. “I have watched you for two years. I’m really into you Aylin.” He breathes.

I am completely tongue tied. My heart is racing and my panties are now wet from the sound of his deep sultry voice that is making love to my ears. I don’t know exactly what to say so I say nothing. I bump him as I pass trying to run for the door.

“Wait…” he says raising his voice above a whisper. He grabs at my lab coat slightly pulling it from my shoulder. At first I’m afraid, then I see the look of hunger burning through me inside of his gaze and I realize that we do want the same thing. I’m just not prepared to say it. The daring touch of his hand on my arm as he pulls me back to where I was sitting burns through me. It starts at my belly and slowly rises as a pain in my chest. I want him. I’ve always wanted him and now here he is.

“Let me…” I don’t allow him to finish. The lust that has just been ignited causes me to lose all sense of judgment. I want Gabriel and I want him now. I pull my arm from the sleeve of the lab coat. And quickly slide out of the other. He is confused when he is left holding the empty coat. I rip it from his hands and toss it across the locker room. My heart beats through my blue silk blouse as I close the space between us. I kick off my black leather Mary Jane’s and he is watching helplessly. He came in here asking for what he wanted but he will be leaving with so much more. As I rip the ponytail from my hair it spills loosely around my neck falling down my back.

“I…” If I let him speak I will lose my confidence. I place my hands on either side of his face and just go in for the win. I kiss him. I mean I really kiss him. I force my tongue between his teeth and allow it to search for his. My mind is saying; ‘stop he isn’t responding’ but my beating jewel between my thighs is saying ‘way to go Ayliln!’  She is definitely tired of greenie. As I untie his scrubs he grabs my hand and pulls away from my kiss. I’m stunned. I thought that this is what he wanted. And even if he didn’t it is a plus for him.

“Wait Dr…Aylin.” Maybe he doesn’t like an aggressive woman.

“What’s wrong?”  I say breathlessly taking a single finger and wiping the excess kiss from my lips. “Isn’t this what you wanted from me?”

“Hell yes. But first I would like you to know that although this is what I want I would like to…” He points toward the lockers and I sit onto the bench. My girl down there is drenched and ready to go and we have a man that is horny as hell, but with morals, standing in our midst. Don’t get me wrong, I would love a gentlemen but after all of this word foreplay not today. My girl down there between my legs is dripping with desire and angry that she is going to be left high and dry.

My chest rises and falls as I hear “Blah, I really want to do this but first I want to assure you that…. I, blah, blah don’t want you to think that I am just a jerk, and blah we can do this but…” Spewing from his lips. Shit! Of course I want all of that. But my damn heated oven is causing my mind to toss all of this nonsense out of the window. I want Gabe’s sexy, chocolate ass, and I want him now.

“Do you hear me Aylin? I would never make love to you in a place like this. It is to…” I don’t even allow him to finish his sentence. I fall to my knees in front of him as if I’m going to beg but instead I yank his untied scrubs down and he is wearing the sexiest gray boxes. I see his gear pointing at me. He wants my girl as bad as she wants him. I waste no time. I yank the boxers down and he is right there in my face waiting for me. It’s like he is saluting me for taking charge. The darkness of the well formed tip is beautiful. The girth is inviting. I grab hold of it like a mic and I want to sing baby. I don’t wait for his permission, I take the stage. Sliding it into my mouth I slurp slowly remembering how my ex from college instructed me. I lick it like a lollipop and then close my lips around it. I don’t look up at him at all. I just work my magic on his joystick.

After a moment I feel Gabe take his hands and run them through my hair. He slides them to the back of my hairline and grabs my hair back into a pony tail. When I look up at his face he is watching me. He rocks, pumping his bottom back and forth to the rhythm of my slurps. I deep throat it. A trick that I learned from watching a little porn at times. I take it all in and he moans. I’m working this dark treasure and there is no turning back. I feel it throbbing inside of my mouth and dammit I want it to explode. I want him to sit back and release all himself into the act. Suddenly before he can reach his end I hear the door open. I quickly end my pleasure tour and plant myself back onto the seat. He fumbles trying to yank his scrubs back up. By the time I see who has interrupted my intense act, we are both sitting and pretending to converse.

“Dr. Shultz. Dr. Rashid is looking for you.” Sheryl the lab tech says as her eyes bounce between Gabe and I. She knows that something is going on.

“Thank you Sheryl. Can you please tell Dr. Rashid that I will be there shortly? Is it important?”

“No. I think that he wants you to order lab work for Mrs. Wilson.”

“Oh okay I didn’t get to finish my lunch because of the incident in the ER. So can you tell him that please?”

“Sure…” she says skeptically. Her eyes are still searching for an explanation for why Gabe is in the ladies locker room. “Oh and Gabe. Donna needs you to draw blood from the stabbing victim. Mr. Kohl.”

“I’ll be right there.” He smiles and then winks. Her eyes light up and I realize that I am not the only woman that wants to suck Gabe up. She walks away with sort of a pep in her step. When the door closes I burst into laughter.

“I’m so sorry Gabriel. I’m very horny these days. It has literally been a year since a man has touched me in a sexual way. To add to that it was awful. Greenie is burnt out from my constant use of him.”


“My neon green vibrator.” I say proudly.

“Wow. I guess I’m going to have to help you out with that. We can’t have our doctors all tense from no physical contact.”

“What about respect?”

“We can figure that out later.” He says untying his scrubs. His chocolate bar remains frozen solid. I’m dying to take another taste. But before I can get onto my knees he stands and hurries to the door. I hear him lock it. I smile as he rounds the corner. “My turn.” He whispers.

He drops down in front of me and pulls at my skirt. I wonder if Sheryl noticed that I was missing my shoes and lab coat. Of course she did. I will be on the gossip train by the night shift. But at this point my girl is so hot and moist I don’t give a shit who knows. I stand and allow my skirt as well as my panty hose to hit the floor. I pull down my undies, lacy pink, thank goodness, and step out of them. He inhales my scent. I watch as he places his hands onto my bottom and pulls me closer. He kisses my hairy valley gently and calmly, nothing like my assault on him, then slides his tongue between my lower lips. My body slams back against the lockers. I swear I almost come apart at the seams. He laps me up like ice cream. He tilts his head as he teases my button with his advance skills. I open my legs wide and place one of them onto the bench. He lifts onto his knees and sticks his tongue inside of me. I feel the moisture from his snacking and my drizzling running a race down my thigh. He takes his thumbs and spreads my lips apart. I start to moan, loudly. I can’t hold my leg up any longer when its starts to quiver. He moans as I moan. “Ummmmm….you taste so good Aylin.” I start to unbutton my blouse. I drop it to the floor and grip my breasts through the bra. I massage them slowly trying to concentrate on not bursting the damn and flooding Gabe’s beautiful face with my departure. I toss my head back and allow it to rest on the back of my neck. I open my eyes once to see the fluorescent lights above me. I want to smother him with my jewel. I want him to suck it into his mouth and drink me empty.

Abruptly he halts. I yank my head forward as he stands. I place my foot back onto the floor. I am completely nude except for my black Playtex bra. He quickly removes it like a pro. I imagine that he has removed many. He cups my breasts and massages them. He playfully bites at the nipples that are as hard as nail tips. I swear I’m going to lose it soon. I grab at his scrub top as he kisses my lips. I taste the tangy sweetness of my girl. She certainly is a tasty one. He smiles as he places his hands onto my thighs raising me up into the air. I feel the coolness of the lockers as he uses them for leverage. Finally he inserts himself into my lock-box. I gasp loudly not caring who could possibly hear me. As he enters, the deliciousness of his wonderful staff introduces himself to my girl. She welcomes him as if he is home. She grips him with her ridges and he moans. He likes how I massage him with her walls. I roll my hips while I squeeze at his stick. I wrap my hands around his neck and ride him like a pony while my bottom is propped on the lockers of other doctors. He uses his mouth and body well. He licks my neck occasionally grabbing at my skin with his lips, while he thrusts himself inside of me. I know that my end is near. My girl is hotter than a blowtorch. I feel it rise inside of my belly slowly begging for me to rain on him. I can’t hold it any longer as he whirls his hips banging me against the locker. She squeezes at him a few times before she explodes, spitting my juices onto him. I grab hold of his neck nearly choking him as my mouth forms an O. I squeeze my fists digging my nails into my hands as I empty myself all over his staff, his pelvis, and down his thighs. He peeks between us with the hottest expression before he thrusts really hard ramming me into the locker once more. He buries his face into my collar bone as he inserts his legacy into my cave. He bites his lip to keep the groan from escaping. I kiss at his face as he fills me with his passion.

My legs fall one at a time and I plant them solid onto the floor. I shy away from his glare. “How was that compared to your last time?” he asks breathlessly.

“You’re already aware that you just fucked my brains out Gabriel.” I say searching for my clothes. “I’m sure that Sheryl will probably tell the whole hospital what it is that she thinks she saw.”

“She will. Which is why I never took her on a second date.”

“You fucked her?” It flies from my lips before I can stop it, I must sound like a jealous school girl.

“No. No woman in this hospital has had what I just laid on you.” he smirks.

“Good. Because I might have to kill them.” I utter, behaving like a territorial animal. “That was amazing and I want it again and again.” I smile. I’m totally whipped already.

“Same time tomorrow then?”

“You bet your ass.” I smile and finish dressing. “It’s a date.” I hurry to finish my daily rounds and dream about tomorrow when Gabe will be inside of me once again.

The End. . .


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