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I’ve been MIA from my blog due to my constant seclusion in the writing cave. I am excited to share two of my new covers for Chronicles of a Betrothed and Reverse Seduction! Here they are!

Reverse Seduction: early in life Jessica Monroe carefully planned out her future, but at age 26, she has deviated from her original plans. She attained nothing she wanted, even after strategically hooking her boyfriend Joseph McCoy. She has dated him since her sophomore year in high school. His career as an actor was nearly set in stone, rather than her intended life of luxury, Jessica has been left with a son and dead-end job. Adding to her disappointment, as an out of work actor Joseph attends a very expensive acting school, which she pays for. Trapped and without options, Jessica learns from Joseph’s best friend, Marcus Gibson, that his wealthy womanizing boss, Mr. Gerald Carson needs a new assistant. Jessica views this as an opportunity to get all that she has ever wanted and more. She plans to seduce and manipulate her way into his bed without anyone realizing it. Can she play the innocent culprit in order to obtain her every desire?

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Reverse Seduction



Chronicles of a Betrothed: 19 year old Chakori is the daughter of Prime Minister Roshan Desai. In a desperate attempt to end his nation’s devastating battle avoiding anniliation between their war stricken islands, the Prime Minister offers Chakori as a pawn in an unfavorable treaty. Gifted to Monarch Pavan Khattris’s son, Daler Khattris. for marriage, Chakori sees her father’s act as betrayal. She escapes with her soldier boyfriend Elliot Lockhart, but soon after their plight, they are discovered. Chakori is whisked away to live on the Prime Minister’s rival island, which has everything she ever wanted. Upon her arrival; however, it is revealed that her husband to be is as evil and murderous as his father, and as she tries to hate him his charisma overpowers her disgust. Before she can protest, Chakori is living an adventurous, but treacherous life and she is faced with a dilemma . . . should she give in to desire or uphold her morality and senses for right or wrong?

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