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I place my hands into my lap and patiently wait for him to finish his dinner. He watches me as he eats. I fantasize, it is me that is the meal. The way the food slides into his mouth from the utensil is slowly seducing me. His lips press against it and slide out after he has taken it in. He closes his eyes as he devours the next bite. I imagine the food is tasty. But it cannot be as delectable as I am. I take my napkin from the table and unfold it. I wipe my forehead. The heat that I feel when I look at this man is insane. My thoughts travel to our steamy morning. I want more. I want him to taste me. I want to feel his lips on my body in all places.

“Love, your glare is as intoxicating as your touch. How will I function if you watch me the way you do.” Daler says as he places the utensil beside his plate.

I shake my thoughts away. My expressions are an indicator. “I apologize. My mind is far from this room.”

“And what room are they in?” He smiles. That is it. His smile has just rendered my helpless.

“Our bedroom.”

“And my eating triggered your thought of rooms?”

“No. Your every movement triggers thoughts of what I want you to do to me in rooms.”

His eyes grow wide. He coughs into his fist. “Chakori, I fear that I will not be able to carry out my duties as long as I am married to you.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“Both… Good because I want to ravish you every second of the day, and bad for the same reason. I will never be able to get anything done.”

“I am sure you can balance your time. Satisfy me then tend to your Lands.” He chuckles.

“What have I done to you my innocent bride?”

“You have awakened me. My heart is full and my body wants. I am the happiest I could ever be. Your children grow in my belly, and that is the pinnacle of it all.”

“Keep talking like this, and we will not ever leave our bedroom again.”

“That would be the highlight of my life.”

He pushes his plate away, wipes his mouth with the linen napkin and throws it on the table. He stands and in a blink he is pulling me from my seat. He dives right in. We kiss and I taste sweetness on his lips. He runs his fingers through my hair and rests them there. I wrap my arms around him and forget where we are. All I have wanted for months is his affection all-day every day.


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