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Reverse Seduction

Reverse Seduction

Her mind starts to wonder. If she could just get in, she would never have to worry about anything.  She sits up in the bed. “I need a new job Marcus. We’re not surviving. We are living pay check to pay check.  I even have to take Joey out of his school.”

“No. How much is it?”

“15,000 a year, I make monthly payments of $1250.00. And with Joe’s acting classes costing $3000 a month, I have no money left for anything.”

“I will pay for Joey to stay at Hecklin.”

“No Marcus you can’t keep bailing us out. That is Joe’s job.”

“I know but he’s in acting school. I don’t have a lady or any children. I can afford it.”

“It’s not your responsibility. If I can just take that job, it will be more than enough.”  Marcus shakes his head. “You’re a very beautiful woman Jess. He will be on you like a fly to shit.”

“I’m with Joe. He wouldn’t have a chance.”

“I don’t know Jess.”

“Come on Marcus I need this.  Joseph promised he would give me a comfortable life. But so far all he has given me is heap of empty promises. I want more. I need more.”

“Maybe you should have been with me instead.” He says jokingly before he can stop himself.

“Maybe I should have.” She whispers. She removes the sheet she was under and slides out of bed to walk over to him.  He watches her as she approaches him. She stands over him. He can see through straight her gown. She is wearing nothing underneath. He scans her body, the white gown drapes over her curves like a veil. Her breasts are perfect and perky. Her nipples are hard. They peek through the fabric at him. Her strawberry blonde hair falls beautifully down her back. She flips it as she touches his shoulders. He grabs her waist. He closes his eyes and breathes.

“Oh my God Jess. I’ve wanted you since I was a senior in high school.” He says panting.

“You are so gorgeous Marcus. Any woman would be lucky to have you.” she says as she leans down. Her breasts spill out from the top as she bends. She looks at them then at him.

“What are you doing? I can’t….”

“You can’t what? We aren’t doing anything.” He swallows very hard.

“I just wanted to stand up and talk to you.” she says innocently.

He stares at her. She moves slowly grabbing the cover from the bed behind him.

“I need to make up the bed.”

He watches her as she reaches past him, her nipple brushes his shoulder. He can’t resist. He reaches up and cups one in his hand. She gasps. And then smiles. She lets go of the comforter. “Marcus I’m so sad. Oh how I wish things were different. Maybe if you and I…” She stops.

“Why now Jessica?  I have longed for you. Over the years I’ve imagined what it would have been like to have you. And if you had given birth to my child.”

“And now?”  She straddles him.

“Joseph is my friend, my best friend, like a brother.”

“You have no brothers. He is a burden to you.”  she purrs.

He places his hands on her back and pulls her down. She places her hands on his chest and rocks her pelvis to seat herself firmly on his lap. His erection pushes through his slacks and pokes her center. Her bare middle is resting on his manhood. She places her hand on his head and pushes it back. She slowly kisses his wanting lips. He grabs her closer and their kiss deepens.  Just then they hear Joseph’s keys. She slowly rises from his grasp, sashays back to the bed and climbs in. He is mesmerized by her. At first he doesn’t move. He glances down at the seat of his light gray suit slacks and there is a wet spot from her. His eyes shoot up to her. Joseph steps in, “Hey guys,” he says breathing rapidly. “Joey fell in a puddle chasing Rocky. He was very upset and wanted to come back.”

Marcus stands and places his blazer over his pants to hide his erection and the wet spot.

“I really need to go I have some paper work I need to complete for that new account we just received.”

Jessica sits up. “Oh Marcus, tell me what your boss…What is his name?”

He looks nervously at her and smiles.  “Gerald Carson.”

“Oh yes, tell me what he says about the job opening.”

“Sure thing Jess.”  He responds before dashing out. She watches him fumble his way out of the room. When he is gone she switches her glare to Joseph.

“You guys are not going back to the park are you?”

The end . . . for now . . .


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