What will happen to Rayen? Will she pay for all of the terrible things that she’s done? How will Blake react to what she has revealed to him? What will happen to Joshua Manning? Is Vera going to make it to the end of the Sequel? Well…you have to wait and see!!!

I started writing this sequel July 24, 2012. I must say that I believe that I was able to tie up all of the loose ends to this story with leaving it open for a third installment. I don’t particularly think that a third is necessary but with readers you just never know. I think that I have created a great sequel. There are a lot of twists and turns, jaw dropping, OMG moments, murder, suspense and of course, my favorite romance. I want you to get a copy of Light in the Shadow now so that you will be ready for the sequel to this novel. You won’t be disappointed because I have put my all into writing Rayen’s conclusion. It is a bitter sweet ending to my premier character. I’m going to miss her voice shouting at me inside of my head.