Rayen Vasu and Blake Pierce attempt to get back to a normal life after a startling evening with several questions answered. Blake struggles with the secrets that the woman he loves has revealed to him. He has to decide whether to keep her immoral practices to himself or allow the detective in him to lead the way. But that would mean that he has to give up the very things that he love, his career and both their freedom. New obstacles also threaten their new life together. Rayen discovers that she is not the only one in Bay City that is dark and practices a secret life hidden in the Shadows. All is revealed about her parents and she craves revenge. But will she be able to fulfill that need when she has so much to lose now?
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The Shadow Exposed picks up with Rayen Vasu and Blake Pierce discussing the nights events. After committing a heinous act to save her life and finding out all of the secrets that is held in Rayen’s mind, Blake is faced with yet another decision. Does he remain true to the woman that he loves and hide what she truly revels herself to be or lose everything that he has ever desired including his decorated career as a detective. Rayen is faced with several new challenges including finding the woman responsible for her inability to live a normal fulfilling life. This sequel answers every question left unanswered. It provides a load of drama, deceit, romance, and trials that occur when two opposites attempt to become one.