Rayen thinks quickly. She jumps high in the air, off of the porch, and hits the ground running fast. She darts through the neighborhood dipping behind houses and into dark alleys. Georgiana gives chase. She keeps up pretty well. Rayen spots an abandoned building and hurries inside. Breathing rapidly she searches for somewhere to hide. She finds an old couch and dips behind it. She waits quietly to hear her enter.
“Come out, come out, wherever you are . . . you little tramp!” she sings.
“I don’t think you want to do this Georgiana.”
“Oh I am going to kill you and hide your body. I love Jordan and no one will ever take him from me, ever! We are going to college next year and I will be his wife one day.” She says as she searches. When she passes the couch Rayen jumps out and grabs her shoulders. She slings the knife trying to cut Rayen but misses. Each times she strikes, Rayen dodges it. She lunges forward but cannot get to her. She grabs Georgiana’s arm and bends it at the elbow. Rayen crushes her fingers retrieving the knife. She twists her around and puts the knife to the girl’s throat.
“Let me go! I’m going to kill you! Don’t think I am innocent as I look. I was in juvy for six months when I was 14 for stabbing a bitch like you. But I plan on finishing the job this time.” She shouts.
“I don’t think you did your homework either.” Rayen states darkly. She stops fighting and drops her hand to her side. “I am a bit of a troubled person myself. See . . . I can’t let you live Georgiana. You tried to hurt me and now I feel . . . well you’ve threatened me.” She tosses her to the ground. She raises the knife that she pried from her hands. Rayen walks toward her with a dazed look. The girl is terrified now.
“Okay, okay. I’m sorry Rayen, I’m sorry. Now let me go please?” she begs. But Rayen charges forward.
“No! You stupid bitch!” she screams. Rayen jumps on top of her and stabs her in the chest. She digs the knife so deep her hand is sinking into her chest cavity with it. She digs the knife deeper. She wants to pierce her heart. She releases all of her hatred with that single plunge. Tears pour from Georgiana’s eyes. She tries to grab Rayen but she drives the knife deeper. When the light leaves her eyes she yanks the knife out and sets it beside her. She watches as her childlike features turn cold and distant. Life has left her body. Rayen stares at her face and then places her hands around her neck.
“This is what you will get Vera!” She takes her hands and squeezes her throat. She squeezes so tight she hears her neck snap. She jumps up grabs the knife, and checks Georgiana’s pockets.

She takes a purple lighter from her pants and looks around. She thinks quickly then sets the couch a blaze. When she is sure the blaze will spread she runs from the back door of the house and jogs home. Margaret is still gone when she arrives home so she cleans the knife and showers. She bleaches her clothes and cuts them into shreds. She goes to the alley and throws the knife down the storm drain and deposits her shredded garments in various dumpsters through-out the alley. She returns to her home, prepares dinner and goes to sleep.

Light in the Shadow 2: The Shadow Exposed…..Coming soon!

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