Love’s Therapy is a pure love story. This is one of the novels that I wrote without murder and evil plotting. I love writing my romance stories even if they don’t contain murder and suspense….

“Tell me to get the hell out Priya.” The words roll off of his tongue.

“Tell me.” He whispers as he gets closer.

She slaps her hand over her mouth again. He removes her hands and kisses her again. She melts into his arms. He gently caresses her back as they are locked in desire. He removes her blazer and slowly unzips her jumpsuit.

“No, get the hell out…” she whispers through their kiss. He stops and leans away horrified. She searches his eyes and there is hurt in them. She quickly grabs his curly disheveled hair and brings him back in. He yanks the shoulders of her jumper down and kisses her bare skin. She is on fire. She hasn’t been touched by anyone in many years but herself. The way Mateo handles her is nothing but magic. His hands are like the wand. She is putty in them and she will be what he wants her to be.

“Make love to me Mateo…please.” She whispers. He lifts his lips from her shoulder. She grabs his hand yanking him down the hall to her room. She kicks the door open and he looks around. She walks backwards into the room and falls onto the bed. She lies stretched out like a tray of desert. He bites the side of his bottom lip.

“Look at you.” He shakes his head in disbelief, then lies down beside her, pitched up on his arm. She looks at him and rubs his face. She lets her nails slide through his silky smooth facial hair. She leans in and kisses him again. She starts to slide the jumper down. When it is at her waist he looks at her again. “Umm…” he cups her breast and takes it into his mouth. She lies back and enjoys the feelings he is bestowing upon her. Finally, he slides out of his shirt. She traces the ripples in his stomach. She has dreamed about touching his fit body for months. She kicks off her jumper, removes her undergarments and he follows. Animalistic instinct is controlling her. All of her reserves no longer restrain her. He stands and she sees him in all of his glory. Greek god could not even begin to describe his delectable physique. He lies on top of her naked body breathing into her face. He parts his lips to speak. But she stops him with a never ending kiss. She opens her thighs and he steers himself in. And what a talented pilot he is. With every stroke she shouts out in pleasure. Never has her body felt what she is feeling. Mateo gives his all to her. With a hand on either side of her head he holds her in place, winding and swiveling his hips. He is performing a methodic tango and she is letting him lead. She grabs his behind and drives him deeper. She feels as if it is her first time without the pain and all of the emotions. He breathes into her face as he grinds inside of her. She brings her legs up to his hips and winds back. She gets momentum and begins to control him. He freezes not able to hold back anymore. He clenches his behind for a moment to allow her release. When she screams out in pleasure she could be heard outside. His insides burst out and he spirals into a long awaited relief. Priya grips him inside causing his body to convulse and does not let go. He collapses onto her completely out of breath. She wraps her arms around his neck and plants kisses all over his handsome face.

“Thank you so much for not getting the hell out.” She breathes. He tries to laugh but can’t. He is drained from their passionate lovemaking, he falls to sleep still inside of her. Happy with what he has bestowed upon her body she follows him into slumber land.

Love’s Therapy….Coming Soon!

Love's Therapy

Love’s Therapy – Mateo Garcia is engaged to Sabelle Reyes, who suddenly is killed in a fatal car accident. Riddled with grief he seeks help from a therapy group. When his friend notices that they cannot help, he is referred to renowned Psychiatrist Priya Johar. After connecting with Sabelle’s friends he finds out that his beloved fiancée’ was full of lies and deception, he becomes even more distraught. Priya tries hard to treat him so that he can overcome his grief and live life again. While assisting him in getting his life back together, she falls for him. With the threat of ruining her own life, they both struggle between healing and desire to find true love.