Now that a significant amount of time has passed since I blogged about this topic, I must say that I am definitely a fan of first person. I think that the story flows easily when you tell it from the main character’s point of view. Although I like third person, most of my new stories remain in first. I am still the nosy writer that has to know what the other characters are doing, so my characters are always lurking in the shadow to see what is afoot!

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The new novel that I am writing is in first person. It is a maiden voyage for me. All of the other stories I have written have been in third person. I enjoy writing in third person because I can control each character that enters the scene. I can follow them if they leave a room. I can hop into their mind and convey what they are thinking. The only other story I have written in first person was a short story called “The Party”. I enjoyed it so much, that when I started the new novel, I was ready to tackle it again. I love writing in first person because it flows through the keys onto the word document with ease. I guess I will alternate in between the two from now on. But third person fulfills the need in me to control and explore. Why do you write…

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