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I have brand  new covers and have reworked the manuscripts. These are all second editions! Light in the Shadow;

At 15, Rayen Vasu is a free spirited young girl. But after being involved in several life changing events; she grows into a cold, calculating, and callous young woman. As the years pass, she protects herself by fending off any and all intimate situations. She has no time for love or anything else that has to do with relationships, not even with Margaret and Angela Taylor, the only family that she has left. She ultimately travels to Michigan to assist in the restructuring of her father’s declining company.

There she meets two men who change her life forever. First, is the charming Architect Joshua Manning who gives her something no other man has dared to attempt. For the very first time, she experiences feelings she never imagined possible.

Then there is the forceful, ambitious Detective Blake Pierce. He pursues Rayen trying to win her over. But she has a secret that could ruin his future in law enforcement in a way he would never suspect. The last thing she needs is a detective in her immediate circle.

Light in the Shadow 2: The Shadow Exposed;

Rayen Vasu has literally been through hell and back. At 15 she found her parents brutally assassinated on her birthday/Mother’s Day. Her nightmare continued when she was snatched away, raped by her grandfather, and tortured by his girlfriend at their mansion of hell. These tragic events transformed her into a cold and calculating woman who hid her rage well. After a business move to Michigan to bring her father’s once thriving company back from the brink of financial devastation, she is introduced to a new world of possibilities. She meets the two men that change her inside and out, Joshua Manning the Architect who opens her heart, and Blake Pierce the man who captures it.
After a rough beginning, Blake finds himself questioning whether or not loving Rayen is worth the complications that it presents. She has revealed her darkest secrets and in order to protect her he had to commit the unforgivable. Now he has to trust that Rayen will end her methods of malice to enjoy a life of happiness and love.
Rayen wishes to leave her treacherous past behind but wonders if it is possible when Vera resurfaces. There are new players in the game, shocking revelations, and unexpected surprises. How will the complicated pieces to this puzzle come together in….. Light in the Shadow 2: The Shadow Exposed?

Chronicles of a Betrothed (One of my Favorites);

19 year old Chakori Desai is the daughter of Prime Minister Roshan Desai. In a desperate attempt to end his nation’s devastating battle with Jutesh and avoiding annihilation of his war stricken island, the Prime Minister offers Chakori as a pawn in an unfavorable treaty.
Gifted to Monarch Pavan Khattris’ son, Daler Khattris for marriage, Chakori views her father’s act as betrayal. She escapes with her soldier boyfriend Elliot Lockhart. But soon after their plight, they are discovered. Chakori is whisked away to live on the Prime Minister’s rival island, which has everything that she has ever desired.
Upon her arrival; she discovers that her husband to be is as evil and murderous as his father. She tries to hate him but his charm and ability to lure women overpowers her disgust. Before she can protest, Chakori is living an adventurous, but treacherous life. She is immediately faced with a dilemma . . . should she give in to desire or uphold her morality and senses for what is right or wrong?

Silent threads (also one of my favorites!);

Charis Adderly is the secret, mute, mixed race, niece of Mayor Harlow Radclyffe’s wife, Madeline. The Radclyffes are the spice of Deer Creek, Alabama; a small town of wealthy people, which is why Charis is passed off as their maid. The glorified men of this town do what they desire to whom they desire, without consequence. That is until Charis witnesses the Mayor in a dangerous compromising position.

Her dreary and horrific existence takes a dramatic turn when she is faced with a choice. She can either reveal her secret to the town and face scrutiny, jail time, maybe even death, or allow the Mayor to continue in his deceit.

While taking care of her daily errands, Charis runs into the handsome Sheriff’s son, Kolton Winfield. He is strangely taken by her rustic appearance. He proceeds to display his interest, but is quickly reminded that he is engaged to marry the Magistrate’s daughter, Livy Vickers. Soon Charis is thrust into a forbidden whirlwind romance that changes her life forever.

I also have Reverse Seduction and Love’s Therapy coming very soon! They all are under $3.50 on Kindle!