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I have just re-released Love’s Therapy and Reverse Seduction! They have been re-edited and have new and improved covers. I want to thank AVOC Services for the wonderful covers. Here are the new covers.

LT cover

Mateo Garcia believed that he finally achieved his greatest desire when pre-med student, Sabelle Reyes agreed to marry him. He assumed that they would spend the rest of their lives together. That is, until she is tragically killed in a car accident. Riddled with grief, he seeks help from a local grief therapy group. When a friend notices that he is failing to progress, he is referred to renowned Psychiatrist Priya Johar. After connecting with Sabelle’s friends, he discovers that his beloved fiancée’ was full of lies and deception. Mateo takes a turn for the worst; becoming even more distraught. Priya attempts to treat him, hoping that he can overcome his grief to give life and love another try. Eventually, she is able to achieve her goal, by helping him accept the circumstances and move on. Priya has one problem, she has fallen for Mateo. Now, with feelings between them brewing, there is the threat of her ruining her stylish life and prominent career. They both struggle to gain healing and the desire to find true love.

Reverse co

Jessica Monroe had her future completely planned out early in life. She realized that she had a certain power over men. She discovered that her ‘charm’ made men weak. This was her ticket to acquire the finer things; clothes, jewelry, the biggest house, the most expensive car, and lots and lots of money. But at age 26 her plan has taken a major hit. She has none of the things that she wanted. She strategically seduced and snagged her boyfriend Joseph McCoy, whom she has dated since her sophomore year in high school. His career as an actor was clearly a guarantee. But instead of the life of luxury that she expected, she has a son and a dead in job. To add to her disappointment, Joseph is an out of work actor. He is attending a very expensive acting school that Jessica pays for alone. She feels trapped and out of options until Joseph’s best friend, Marcus Gibson, unknowingly offers up a useful alternative. His very wealthy womanizing boss, Gerald Carson, needs a new assistant. Jessica views this as the opportunity that she has been hoping for. She can have all that she has ever wanted and more. Her plan to seduce and manipulate her way into Gerald’s bed is something that anyone would suspect… But not if she makes him believe that it is all his doing. Can she play the innocent culprit in order to obtain her every desire?